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Complete or partial renovation

Most of our Customers buy an old house or apartment and want to move to it as soon as possible. Timing is crucial, nobody wants to pay rent twice…
Before moving in, a renovation is necessary, as the purchased places don´t offer a standard to move in immediately.
That creates a lot of challenges as coordination of all different activities can prove to be a difficult task.

Changing the windows and door? Replacement of floors, putting parquet or tiles? Walls skimming and painting? Roof insulation or attic adaptation as a living space? Exchange of heating, radiators, electricity? Open new door, open the kitchen towards dining room, and close some door openings?

These are only few questions we can help you to find answers.

Renolux Constructions – one stop shop for your renovation, please contact us for a free advice…At our showroom you can find all materials needed to complete your new home…

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